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Friday, January 20, 2012

100 Tips to Alleviate Self-Doubt

100 Tips to Alleviate Self-Doubt

I've just read Matthew Turner's blog and must admit that I completely and totally related to every word he said. I swim in self-doubt constantly. It's only when I dog-paddle hard and desperately that I manage to come up to the surface and smell the sweet scent of confidence. So here are my three suggestions for paddling out of the mire:

1. I pretend my mother is sitting next to me saying: "Cynthia, you have as much right to your thoughts and opinions as anybody. Since you can't please everyone, concentrate on pleasing yourself. If nobody likes what you wrote [or did, etc.], it doesn't matter if YOU like it and are pleased with it." Hearing her voice [even in my head] always makes me smile.

2. I have many distractions at home and often can't get a break. My 12-year-old boy doesn't take my writing seriously and constantly demands my attention, distracting me from my thoughts. There is only one place I have complete, uninterrupted privacy -- my bathroom. It's my thinking room and I take full advantage of it.

3. I try to do one bold, unCynthia-like thing everyday. I've always struggled with insecurity and this exercise seems to help me.

I can't wait to read everybody's suggestions.

Cynthia Triplett

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